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Sandhi – a Science-Culture initiative attempts to re-visit India’s eternal wisdom through the lens of open scientific inquiry. By doing so, scientific methodology is expected to be augmented by the touches of ancient wisdom and be holistic. The deep science projects on Language (Bhasa); Music (Sangeet); and Iconography (Ankana) constitute the first part of the initiative (the left column of the matrix). The second column touches community behavior – participation and changes in relationship to environment – ranging from Meditation (Dhyana); End-of-Life goals (Moksha) and Compassionate (Karuna) impacts. The final column explores living history and flow – ‘Varanasi’ and others from layered history (Itihas). Finally, the entire initiative culminates with the emancipation of community based traditional knowledge systems (Shilpa) and their creative economy based strengths and opportunities. The present website, based on the iconography of a Naba-graha-mandala (3 X 3) matrix unfolds the exploration called SANDHI.